Management Consulting – specializing in process improvement services, we transform your business by customizing solutions that enable your business to run more efficiently and effectively.


Program Management

  • Defense Acquisition – manage/support all aspects of the acquisition process
  • POM Support – use existing processes to assist with POM input development, or redesign POM development process to determine input
  • Aircraft Manufacturing –manage or augment the aircraft manufacturing process, end-to-end, beginning with build and integration, through flight and acceptance test, and culminating in customer delivery
  • Weapons Integration – provide program management support for all aspects of the weapons integration process, including weapons delivery software testing, flight test planning, and flight test.
  • Maintenance Management – provide program management support for Operations and Maintenance processes
  • Logistics – support/manage logistics processes or redesign existing processes
  • Financial Modeling – develop financial models for use in managing projects, including gross profit percentage projections and hours allocations
  • Earned Value Management

Cost Analysis

  • Business Case Analysis – analysis and comparison of alternatives in support of decision-making
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – analysis of costs where benefits are quantified, enabling more-informed decision-making
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis – projection of costs over life cycle of a system
  • Financial Management – management of a project’s financials / reconciliation of forecasted to actual expenditures

Business Improvement Services

  • Business Process Re-Engineering – analysis and redesign of business processes
  • Analysis of Alternatives – studies to compare and analyze proposed alternatives
  • Feasibility Studies – special studies on case-by-case basis
  • Benchmarking – studies to compare benchmarks for processes or metrics across an industry

Engineering – specializing in military aircraft and weapons integration, we provide independent engineering services, using our industry expertise to manage or augment client staff.

  • Aerospace and military systems design, development, integration and test engineering
  • Systems engineering including avionics, weapons systems, engines, and low observables
  • Special services including weapons integration/compatibility, wind tunnel test, mission planning, and range safety
  • Weapons integration –support all aspects of weapons integration process, including separation modeling, wind tunnel testing and data analysis, weapons delivery software testing, flight test planning, and  flight test for separation envelope clearance
  • Reliability and Maintainability engineering / analysis
  • Aircraft Availability studies / analysis
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Requirements analysis
  • Staff augmentation

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